My BIG Fat Greek Culinary Tour Day 1

Today the weather in Athens was a bit cool. I am staying only a block away from a somewhat busy street with a small intimate café that has outside seating available in which I can see is going to become my morning routine. My last trip to Athens they remembered me as “The American Boy”. I’ll take boy anytime someone is willing to call me that.

Greek Café

Greek Café

There is a fantastic bakery only stride away that I will be experiencing often even though I am not a fan of baked goods the aroma along with the beautiful display can convert anyone. I will test the waters to see if they will bake with me so I may share some authentic Greek pastries with my FOOD LOVER friends. There is a floral shop in case I decide to become romantic; believe it or not I have that in me. There is a family owned butcher shop that cuts to order and a super market that is going to take some getting use to. Obviously I do not know what the language is so I have to use my own instinct to determine if it’s what I’m searching for. Not to mention every store no matter where it is, is set up a bit different.

On my way to the grocery store the streets were scattered with young children heading to school. Where I grew up and where I lived in Florida, it wasn’t possible to walk to school. Here like most cities the children walk to school.

I love to people watch so I became comfortable today in my newfound little café that was on the main street. There are business people walking and some stopping for a pick me up at the café. Like most of the European cities I’ve experienced, people tend to be a bit more

Yiannis Gaitis artist

Yiannis Gaitis artist

relaxed than Americans. I find we rush and the Europeans stop to enjoy the simple pleasures of an espresso while we, or certainly myself, tend to be in a rush. I could be wrong but that is just my opinion.

I took a short ride on the subway system and came across this awesome work of art and thought I would share. The artist is Yiannis Gaitis but I am not sure the name of this series.

I plan to hit some other places in the center of the city tonight however my cold seems to be getting worse. But I will go even if for a short time.

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