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Fernando Masci, World Renowned Restauranteur

Fernando Masci moved to the United States from Italy at the age of 19, still a young man. He worked as a waiter in NY at a relatives restaurant and soon after went back to Italy to culinary school and pursue his passion for culinary. By the very young age of 26, Fernando and his […]

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Dinner at Il Gabbiano, Miami

Last night I had dinner at Il Gabbiano in Miami with my friend Larry from back home where I grew up. We had so much food we simply could not eat it all thanks to Fernando and Gino Masci, the brothers and owners who just kept bringing us dish after dish to try until we […]

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Heading to Il Gabbiano

http://www.ilgabbianomia.com/il%20gabbiano%20-gallery8.htm My friends from where I grew up are in town and tonight we are heading to Il Gabbiano in Miami. One of the finest Italian restaurants in the USA is owned and operated by Fernando Masci, the founder and original owner of the World Famous NYC Italian Restaurant Il Mulino. Il Gabbiano is as […]

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