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How You Treat A Waiter Says A Lot About You

How You Treat A Waiter Says A Lot About You.

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How to Make Eating at Home More Enjoyable

For many people cooking is more a way of survival, they need to eat to stay alive. I have met so many people over my life that view cooking as a chore, and some compare it to scrubbing windows. I’m single and I have found very few women that I date enjoy cooking, as a […]

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Diet vs. Eating Healthy as a Way of Life

Diet vs. Eating Healthy as a Way of Life.

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Explanation of a Sicilian Tradition

At My Favorite Italian Specialty Market

I am with some really friendly people at Doris’s Italian Specialty Market, who are explaining to me a Sicilian tradition with this artistic dessert of a lamb that dates back centuries. I love people and I love hearing about other traditions. Getting some rack of lamb for Easter and Italian sausage at my favorite Italian […]

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