How to Make Eating at Home More Enjoyable

How to Make Eating at Home More Enjoyable

How to Make Eating at Home More Enjoyable

For many people cooking is more a way of survival, they need to eat to stay alive. I have met so many people over my life that view cooking as a chore, and some compare it to scrubbing windows. I’m single and I have found very few women that I date enjoy cooking, as a matter of fact they either seem to despise it, flat out can’t boil water or the best thing they make is reservations. Now how is it that I always meet one of the three?

Here is something that I have found to be very helpful in making cooking at home more enjoyable. It makes no difference if you’re single or married with children, here is what I found to make your cooking at home more pleasant. Make it an event and have a little theme around it. For example, have Italian night or Mexican night. Inform everyone prior that it’s a theme dinner. Play music that fits the occasion, have a bottle of Chianti or margaritas, create a little ambiance and by all means, prepare a meal that fits the occasion. Have your family or friends participate in the preparation. No need to be a hero and do it all, let them participate. Good conversation, music and enjoy the moment. Get unplugged from TV, social media and get social in person. Far too often today we cannot walk away from our tech devices and be present. Enjoy the people you are with.

What I have found as I’ve gotten a ‘little’ older. The best moments and the greatest memories tend to revolve around the dinner table or in the kitchen with either family or friends. So break out the camera and video, enjoy the moment; what’s your hurry? There will come a day and I promise you this, that your children are grown and gone, your family members have past on, or your friends no longer live close enough to have dinner together. So make it an event, make it social and make it a moment to remember. When others get involved in the preparation, not only is it less work for you, but also the time goes much faster. And if you’re like me and rather they just stay out of your way, get over it. Relax and enjoy it. Besides, if they helped prepare it you have a better chance of them helping to clean up too. And if you need some ideas, ask me or use my recipes, I am happy to help you.

PS. Please do not hold me accountable on Mexican night, I never suggested tequila shots. Just saying!!!

Happy cooking!!!

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