A Dining Experience to Remember; A Boston French Bistro

Have you ever had a dining experience that you cannot stop thinking about? I have had many but it has been a long time since I had a dining experience to remember like the one I had at Hamersley’s French Bistro in Boston, Massachusetts.

My fiancé who is an architect, is designing a nightclub and a restaurant in Back Bay, Boston so I ventured up to Bean Town to spend time with her and experience some great New England restaurants. My trip went smooth with a bus to New York City’s Port Authority where I spent the night visiting some friends and then the next day taking the Amtrak train from Penn Station to Back Bay, Boston.

Upon my arrival I checked in to our hotel and knowing I would have several hours prior to her arrival I decided to venture out and do some window-shopping. Not your typical window-shopping but seeking out restaurants that made my palate excited. I had asked the front desk of my hotel for some suggestions but based on their suggestion of some chain franchises I knew I was on my own. I stumbled upon Hamersleys French Bistro and fell in love with the view from the street. As I walked up to the door to view the menu I was confident this would be one restaurant in Boston I’d have to try.

Hamersley's French Bistro

Hamersley’s French Bistro

The second evening we ventured over to Hamersley’s French Bistro. I didn’t think to call for reservations but soon found out they had no tables available until 9:30. That was a good sign the cuisine was on point but not what I wanted to hear. I then peaked my head around the corner and found a small table by the bar just for two and I asked if we might dine there. Within one minute we were seated and I have to say it was the best table in the whole restaurant, quiet, romantic and just a perfect little table for two.

From the moment we walked in and were greeted to the attentive bartender who waited on us to the incredible cuisine we encountered, it was truly a dinning experience to remember.

Hamersley's French Bistro

Hamersley’s French Bistro

I love to order for my lady and she always trusts me to do so not even opening her menu. Being we are both on special diets for Lent (hers a bit different than mine) I had to gaze the menu with care. The longer I looked the more my palate became impatient to try everything, what a spectacular menu. Personally I love a menu with not a large selection, usually an indication of more refined cuisine and certainly fresh.  I ordered her mixed winter greens with a champagne vinaigrette and crispy goat cheese and for me I was drawn to the description of a special for the evening of charred calamari salad with spicy red peppers, cucumber and diced tomato with a lime and mint vinaigrette.

When I dine out I prefer to order my appetizer first and then after I have eaten that I choose my entrée. For one, I don’t like to be rushed, second I often wish I had ordered something else after I have had my appetizer and three, I think dining

Hamersley's French Bistro

Hamersley’s French Bistro

out or even dining at home, I like to make it an event and enjoy it, especially if it’s good and this………was beyond good. The moment the plates were presented the presentation was incredible, more like food art with an exquisite taste. The flavors were so perfect, the calamari so tender, I just wanted it to tango on my tongue forever. Hers was equally delicious and I could tell by her eyes she was in culinary bliss. I have a feeling I will try to duplicate the crispy goat cheese.

For our main entrée I ordered for her seared sea scallops with roasted apple, sweet potato gnocchi, maple glazed bacon and brussels sprouts with balsamic essence minus the bacon being she cannot have meat during her fast. For me I was totally enamored by the spicy halibut and clam roast with bacon braised greens, white beans and black trumpet mushrooms. Once again the presentation was perfect and the taste, well, lets just say I never wanted it to end. It was one

Hamersley's French Bistro

Hamersley’s French Bistro

dining experience to remember and one I will soon not forget.

After leaving we talked about this the next two days saying it was a dining experience to remember. What transpired next was even more amazing. Marianna had a meeting with some magazine who was featuring her for her masterful creation of the nightclub and restaurant and so she made an appointment at a hairdresser, it’s a girl thing. While having her hair done she was bragging about her dining experience at Hamersleys and who was sitting next to her having his hair cut? The owner chef, Gordon. I cannot wait my return to Boston in June for another fabulous evening at this magnificent French bistro. If ever in the Boston Back Bay area make sure you do not miss out on Hamersley’s, it will be a dining experience to remember.




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