A Sincere Apology To My Blog Subscribers and Blog Followers

I want to send out a sincere apology to all my subscribers of my blog and my followers. When I had my new blog created I had wanted a subscribe section so when I sought to send out emails I was able to do so to those who wished to follow The Social Chef, hence the reason to subscribe. That feature has always existed; I just am not very good at using it or understanding it well enough to utilize it is more the case. Yes, I am somewhat technology challenged and I embarrassingly admit it. However, I had assumed my website/blog had the subscriber section setup for two reasons, the one I just mentioned but also and most importantly to me, so anyone who came to subscribe was notified immediately of any new blogs and or recipes I shared. Guess what…I just discovered that wasn’t the case.

So I wanted to apologize to the hundreds of subscribers who possibly assumed they would be notified of my blogs or my recipes. To say the least I am so sorry. All this time I just assumed it was set up this way that you were receiving my blog posts and my recipes being you were subscribed. If you too assumed that I apologize. I will do some research to see if I can attempt to rectify this on my own, or if you are a tech person I am open to suggestions. I am not making any promises but I will try for sure to resolve this. I will also try to send out an email through the service I have in which those who have subscribed will receive my apology as well, let’s hope I can figure that out how to do that too.

The main reason I never looked into this is I have hundreds of visits per day to my blog even if I am inactive. When I share recipes on Facebook the volume of viewers increases dramatically, so I just took for granted the subscribers were notified also but I guess they are coming from Facebook to my blog with such a high volume increase after a recipe post. I love technology…it apparently doesn’t love me. But here’s the good news…I am still sharing everything food on my blog and my recipes just keep on coming and I will hopefully resolve this so my blog performs in the way it will benefit you and the way I want it to. Once again, a sincere apology for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you for following The Social Chef,


Michael Van Horn

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