VOXXI.com is Featuring My Moms Recipe


VOXXI.com is Featuring My Moms Recipe. My mom makes the best French Onion Soup. Maybe I’m a little partial, after all it is my mom. But my mom has a special ingredient all moms have…love. All moms put that special ingredient that makes everything taste better.

Try the Best French Onion Soup au Gratin recipe: The way my mom made it!!

Read more: http://www.voxxi.com/french-onion-soup-au-gratin-recipe/#ixzz2KVzTpxyw

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  1. Shirlene Streetman says:

    This is on the menu for Ash Wednesday! What a great way to start Lent! Thanks Michael!

    1. Thank you Shirlene, I am not ready for Lent but ready or not here it comes. I really appreciate all your support you give me here and on fb. Have a wonderful Lent. Cheers!!

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