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Praying Hands

Never Forget to Say, I Love You

There are too many days in which we take for granted that our loved ones will be here forever that we often do not say those magical words, I love you.

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Villa Virella Restaurant, Blakeslee PA

Sharing a Recipe with a Social Chef Subscriber

A private email from a new Social Chef blog subscriber informing me of his anxious search for a pepper sauce was certainly something I enjoyed to receive. I had however just arrived in Athens, Greece for My BIG Fat Greek Culinary Tour.

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Latte Art

Latte Art, It’s Much More Than Just a Latte

For years I’ve been seeing these images of latte art emerge on Facebook and more often than not I clicked the like button without a clue what went into it.

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The Social Chefs Homemade Marinara Sauce

Social Chefs Homemade Marinara Sauce

Over the years I’ve tried to create a homemade marinara sauce close to Angelo’s on Mulberry Street in Little Italy, New york.

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