Never Forget to Say, I Love You

There are too many days in which we take for granted that our loved ones will be here forever that we often do not say those magical words, I love you. It’s inevitable that one day our fun ticket to life will be punched with a pass to paradise and an opportunity to experience eternal life. But though that sounds like a beautiful thing, few of us want to say goodbye to our life on earth.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what this has to do with The Social Chef and a food lover’s blog. Currently I’m in Greece doing My BIG Fat Greek Culinary Tour and to my regret an automobile hit a friend of mines son last evening and he was killed. While it is certainly tragic, what occurred previously make it all the more painful to bear. The mother and son had an argument in which some words were exchanged that in the moment we all often say but seldom mean. Only an hour after this argument was a call no one let alone a mother wants to take delivery of.

It has been on my mind all day and when I think of the arguments I’ve had with my parents or sometimes I recall seeing people screaming at their children, that could have been myself or even one of your family members. My heart goes out to this lady and her family. I just cannot imagine the thoughts that must be going through this poor woman’s mind.

I’m only trying to make a point in which I have numerous times when posting an article I had written long ago called, Brining Back Sunday Dinner in which I emphasize the imperativeness of sharing Sunday dinners with your family. Life flies and in a flash it’s over. Most are fortunately far less tragic than this incident but nonetheless my point I’m trying to make is, are you spending time with your children and loved ones and in doing so are you fully present. Because you can be there but still not be present! In no way am I trying to make anyone feel guilty, my pure motive of this blog is to have you imagine that this very well could have been you or someone you love in your family.

My question to you, are you spending quality time with your loved ones? How often do you say I love you? And have you considered making Sunday a family day? A dinner where everyone shows up and may I insinuate more than just physically! I hope you consider it and I hope even more that you say those magic words; I love you a little more often.

So if you happened to read this may I ask that you please take a moment and say a prayer for this lady and her family? I pray she can find the strength to forgive herself and I want her to know, God never ever ever…makes a mistake…never!!

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  1. Lacesweet says:

    Michael, you are absolutely correct. So many times, people treat others in a manner that can be unbearable. No matter what transpires, always let someone know that you love them; because, one day we may be too late. Prayers go out to the mother….as prayers go out to my own daughter and grandson, enduring a similar issue with my own. Life is too short to hold grudges and hatred…

    1. Life is very short for sure. I am sure millions of people live with this burden of not resolving past issues. It certainly makes you think.

  2. Nicole (Myloveforcooking) says:

    What a very sad loss. My thoughts and healing wishes go out to all involved. Thank you for the important reminder.

    1. It is sad beyond belief. It certainly makes you think about the time we share with the important people in our lives.

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