Social Chefs Homemade Marinara Sauce

Do you enjoy a good marinara sauce? I’ve had countless marinara sauces from all over the world, even Italy numerous times and there is only one that makes my heart beat a little faster. You may have heard of this place or possibly even been fortunate enough to have eaten there, it is Angelo’s Italian Restaurant on Mulberry Street in Little Italy, New York. I discovered this sauce on my 3rd trip to this legendary establishment when on a Sunday afternoon visit I ordered an appetizer of Sunday Meatballs, a house special and possibly the most popular item on their menu. The meatballs were to this day the very best I’ve ever had but that marinara sauce made you want to continue to dip your bread in to get every last drop. Truth be told, I had a double order. You just might be fortunate enough to have a local grocery store that carries Angelo’s famous marinara sauce . Or another option you have is that Angelo’s has a sister restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida where you will find the very same marinara sauce. My best friend and TV cooking chef Isa Souza said the best meatballs and marinara she’s ever had.

Over the years I’ve tried to create a homemade marinara sauce close to Angelo’s. While I may never create a masterpiece like Angelo’s this has become very popular with my friends and family who have dined in my home or social gatherings where I have shared my homemade marinara sauce and my Sunday Meatballs.

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