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Are you a food lover? There isn’t a better place to find a wide variety of culinary greatness than on Facebook. If you follow me on Facebook you may have noticed I started a Facebook food pages featured post, which I share on a daily basis. I share a link to a food page, a little write up explaining what makes them a desirable food page to follow or what I may have found on their food page that you might be interested in. If they have a website, Pinterest, Twitter or other social media links, I share them as well or many can be found on their Facebook food page or website too.

Almost every day I am finding a new food page that has something I really like. Many of these food pages share their recipes on my Facebook page or I find something that I like and I share it. I do it for a few reasons. I realize just how hard it is to have people find you on the internet with so many food pages out there. I also know how passionate I am about culinary and all these food pages are just like me, they love to share all their awesome culinary creations. But Facebook has reduced the exposure of food pages unless you have the financial wherewithal to pay to be seen. That eliminates about 96% of the food pages from getting their culinary genius exposed to you…that to me is a crying shame. I just thought it would be fun to share it with you and others who love great food, recipes and ideas.

To make it even better I will invite you and all food pages and bloggers to utilize a link on my page to share with others your awesome recipes. Just like my Facebook page, you don’t have to be a food blogger or have a food page to share a recipe on my blog. You also have the ability on my blog to add links to your Facebook, Pinterst, Twitter or any other place you may want to drive traffic to wherever you want. Here is an example of a Facebook food page and food blogger who shared a recipe.

I would also like to add a weekly news letter in which I will send out to all my subscribers the list of people who have shared recipes on my blog as well as the list of food pages I featured on my Facebook page for that week. Maybe you can tell me if that would interest you or maybe you have some ideas in which you would like to hear more about? Please leave a comment or send me an email.

Also, here are the Facebook pages in which I shared this week. Go check them out because I think they are worth following. Make sure you “like” their page and leave a “comment” and tell them The Social Chef sent you.

Meal Planning Maven, MB Things I Know, Moore or Less Cooking Blog, A New York Foodie, Confessions of a Food Lover and Jodies Kitchen

Eat Well Cook With Passion

~Michael Van Horn~



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