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Thanksgiving Day Leftover Ideas

Turn Thanksgiving Day leftovers into dishes the entire family will welcome.

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Michael Van Horn “The Social Chef” Cooking with the World

I have always thought of creating a logo for my Michael Van Horn Social Chef Blog.

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Dining with Your Dog

It’s pretty obvious if you are my friend on Facebook, follow my Social Chef page on Facebook, subscribed to my Social Chef Blog or know me personally, that my dog Bailey is my best friend. As my best friend you just know that he gets the royal TREATment. Being I have a passion to cook […]

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Getting Prepared for a Mexican Salad and Avocado Salad

As many of you know I am not a vegetarian. I truly enjoy all kinds of food, especially meat. But I have many friends who are either not big meat eaters or are do not eat it at all. So I wanted to do something for my vegetarian friends. I am going to leave you […]

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