Michael Van Horn “The Social Chef” Cooking with the World

I have always thought of creating a logo for my Social Chef Blog. However, I really had no idea what to make my logo so it was nothing but a thought and as time passed I never pursued it. Then Marianna Holoway, an architect, designer and extremely talented artist, who has designed hotels, restaurants, night clubs and most recently the Crystal Boat which has 200K of diamonds inside the boat (A real James Bond Boat) and won 2012 tender boat of the year, approached me and asked if she may create a logo for The Social Chef. Well, if you have such a talented artist as Marianna offering to create your logo the only answer would be a humble…….yesssss.

Michael Van Horn "The Social Chef" Cooking with the World

Michael Van Horn “The Social Chef”                              Cooking with the World

My story of how The Social Chef all evolved is something that not many people are aware of which is my purpose and mission as to why I am so passionate about culinary. My purpose and mission has always been to cook with people all over the world from all walks of life that have the same obsession for cooking, entertaining and socializing as I do. When Marianna showed me over 10-ideas none popped until one morning I woke to an email she sent saying…I got it…I got it Michael…this is sooooo you. And within 24-hours I received the first concept draft of the Social Chef logo. It was so perfect for my mission as The Social Chef.

I am very proud of my logo and I am very grateful to Marianna for creating this fantastic logo for not only me but for all the Food Lovers of the world. I hope you all love it as much as I do because that globe represents all the people from all over the world that share the love and passion for culinary as I do. After all…it is a Food Lovers Blog and we are all Food Lovers.

Marianna Holoway in the kitchen with The Social Chef

Marianna Holoway in the kitchen                                        with The Social Chef

I had the privilege to share my kitchen with Marianna as she prepared a dish from her native country of Greece. And for the record…it was incredible!!! We video taped the experience and will be posting soon. Make sure to sign up here for my blog to get it.

Thank you for your support and for following The Social Chef. I hope you enjoy my blog. Please sign up for my blog to receive my articles, photos, videos, recipes and all the people who share the kitchen with me.

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Thank you and do not forget, I also cook with TV cooking chef, Isa Souza at Isa & Michael Food Lovers!!!

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  1. It was fantastic…she made mousaka. But the logo is just perfect.

  2. catherine conti says:

    Brilliant..I love the logo!

    1. Thank you Catherine…I love it too. Cooking with the World……………..

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