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Mary Beth from MB Things I Know

I’ve been sharing recipes for well over two years. I started on my personal wall just posting images of food I had made and on occasion sharing the recipes. Then one day during Lent I was doing a biblical fast and it hit me…I want to get into food blogging and sharing recipes. Since I started food blogging and sharing recipes on Facebook I found it a bit overwhelming. The work required to create a following, buying all the groceries, cooking it, photographing it, writing all the details on how to make it, was all a full time job. Creating a following was even more arduous. I had a difficult time to understand it because I love to share my cuisine and The Social Chef is just that, I’m a social person. I love people and I love to share recipes. To those of you who like me, have worked hard to create a food blog and create a following have discovered, it’s not so easy. Then out of the blue appears Mary Beth, from MB Things I Know. Mary Beth has created a wonderful page on Facebook and soon her blog will be up and running again as she decided to make improvements to it and as you know, a blog takes a tremendous amount of time to maintain and when doing improvements it takes forever. Ask me how I know this? I decided to write this blog because I believe people like Mary Beth set a standard for all of us who love to share recipes and write blogs. A kind gesture to share recipes is what MB Things I Know is all about. Sharing Recipes, sharing blogs and other things Mary Beth knows, has created a tremendous following and is growing immensely. I have also discovered during my time recently on Facebook, not having the ability to post and share on other Facebook pages (due to being in Facebook jail for some ridiculous reason) that I too have to share more because I received a lot of support from other food pages. It was never intentional it was sparked by what I felt a few had only come to me to post and never wanted to reciprocate. But my lesson learned from Mary Beth is, there are far too many kind people with food pages to allow it to ruin sharing recipes of others. When you learn something of value from another person that is a great indication of the impact they have on others and I am very grateful to her for the impact she had on me. As I see it, Mary Beth and MB Things I Know has taught me a valuable lesson. It has created the desire within me to be better and to share all the incredible recipes from other pages. Not only has she created an outlet for all the food bloggers to build their following, but also she has created an environment where you want to go to see all the other great recipes and food bloggers. I have added MB Things I Know to my home page of my blog in my selected area called, Sites We Like. I hope you read this blog and go over to Mary Beth’s Facebook page and see what she is doing. Her following is incredible and you just might discover what I discovered, Mary Beth is paving the way for sharing recipes, building a following for others and seeing that sharing really does create a better you. For your benefit and the respect of Mary Beth, know that she ONLY shares Monday, Wednesday and Friday so you know the best days to post on her page.

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