Will You Help Fight Hunger?

Help Those Less Fortunate

Help Those Less Fortunate

Will you help fight hunger? You don’t need to look far to notice the difficulties families have to put food on the table. Recent polls tell a sad tale that 1 in 5 Americans or 20% say that sometimes they do not have enough money to put food on the table for themselves and or their family. This would be the highest level since 2011 when it was approximately 17%.

Anyone who has followed me here or on Facebook knows that I am a supporter of NO KID HUNGRY. Just cannot imagine a child going hungry yet millions do. I’m not going to waste time about statistics one person is simply too many.  I am not going to focus on just America either because it’s a global problem. My purpose behind this blog came from one person who sent me an email that really made me think. I read that email about 4-times over and over and I felt inclined to reach out for help. The email read; Michael, I appreciate your recipes and all the wonderful dishes you share. I love to cook and I love to eat. Due to the economy and me losing my job and my husband having to take a pay cut we have struggled to make ends meet and so we really budget and save money wherever we can. I was wondering if you had any money saving tips when grocery shopping and would love if maybe time to time you could share some recipes that were more cost efficient.

After posting this message on my Facebook page and asking my followers to share any ideas, links or whatever they could offer of value to help this family as well as the millions of other families who struggle daily to put food on the table, I had an overwhelming response. The ideas poured in with advice, links and even phone apps. The response what so positive I decided to share it on my blog and seek more ideas from anyone who could offer help. My blog also allows ANYONE to share recipes. If you have any low cost budget meal recipes and want to share them with others, click here and share it.

What amazed me were not only the great tips but also the willingness others had to help. Going hungry is not something anyone should experience yet sadly enough this happens daily worldwide. While I cannot fix the problem I certainly can help and so can you with the great ideas you have. My platform may not be very big but it is nonetheless a platform and if one reader benefits from it then it was worth the time. Please comment below with links, ideas or anything you have that could benefit others who struggle to feed their family.



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