Wasting Food

For many people having to throw away uneaten food whether prepared or a head of lettuce is frustrating. I know me personally, always say to myself, what a sin when I throw something away that could have been eaten or possibly prepared and frozen to be eaten at a later date. When you really think about it there is no excuse not to at least make it and eat it later. Yet I, just like many of you, complain about the high cost of groceries and yet I end up throwing things away that I didn’t use. Usually the culprit is my stomach got the best of me at the grocery store and I bought it because at the time my eyes wanted it.

There are some people who are very frugal and we all should be especially when you consider all the people in the world who do not have a thing to eat and for many what they do have isn’t very healthy. Not to mention wasting money and food truly is a sin. We really shouldn’t complain about the cost of, fruits, vegetables, meats and other foods if we continue to throw food away.

I always admired my mom and grandmother for they wasted nothing. They also were very good at shopping for bargains. Ironically, my father didn’t think a can sale was a bargain when you bought it by the case every time you visited the grocery store and had enough canned food to feed an army. My father always jokingly said, if the store doesn’t have it’s probably because mom bought them out. If you needed something it was easier to run over to moms house than go to the grocery store.

So the purpose of this blog today is for you to pitch in. There are millions of people who are struggling to make ends meet with little to no food on the table. So I would love this post to have a lot of feedback. Feedback that can help others who may not be able to afford all the things some of us are so blessed to eat. So what I would love is if you have any saving money tips or things people can do to save money on their grocery bill, ‘share it”. Besides, who doesn’t like a deal?

The only thing I have to offer is this grocery saving money tip. Plan your meals weekly or at least 3-5 days and try to incorporate some of the items in which you plan to eat to be able to be used in other dishes you prepare, plus its less gas too. For example…I throw away more herbs than anything else. So two things you can do as far as herbs are concerned. Prepare dishes that week that actually use the same herbs and or two, if you live in a climate that allows you to grow some fresh herbs, do it. For one it is very economical and there is nothing better than fresh herbs. And by planning your meals you don’t end up buying a lot of things you assume you were actually going to eat and end up throwing away.

What do you do to save money on your grocery bill?

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