Dining with Your Dog

Bailey the Social Sous Chef

Bailey the Social Sous Chef

It’s pretty obvious if you are my friend on Facebook, follow my Social Chef page on Facebook, subscribed to my Social Chef Blog or know me personally, that my dog Bailey is my best friend. As my best friend you just know that he gets the royal TREATment. Being I have a passion to cook and I live alone, Bailey is my constant and faithful dining companion. Mention the word treat and you think someone set his tail on fire. He is however pretty good in the kitchen and stays out of my way but the moment the plate gets pulled out of the cabinet he is there to make sure I know what I’m doing. Funny how he just lays by my side while I eat, he knows darn well when I am done there will usually always be a little bonus for him. After all, he laid there the entire time keeping me company the least I can do is throw him a bone…or a piece of whatever I created. He just so happens to be a food lover too.

So many people comment about my best friend and say how lovable he is. They truly have no idea.

Bailey getting the Royal Treatment

Bailey getting the Royal Treatment

Bailey is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had. And when people meet him they cannot get over just how attentive he is. So today I went to get him some dog snacks and being it so hot I got him one of his favorite treats, ice-cream. I usually don’t get him ice-cream but opt for yogurt and then freeze it in Dixie cups.

Now why am I writing this blog, because my dog has been my constant dining companion for 3-years and I guess this is what you do when you don’t have children…you spoil your dog and even if I had children, I’d spoil him regardless. I would assume if you have a dog you make life for them better by giving them some treats time to time. After all…Bailey isn’t just a dog, he is family and I’m sure your dog is too. So if you have a dog I am not saying you should feed him from the table. Some will say you shouldn’t feed your dog human food at all. My reply is…my dog has given me something few humans are capable of doing and that is his loyalty. So I say, give your dog a bonus once in a while. There lives

Bailey need an agent

Bailey needs an agent

are so short and what they bring to the table is constant affection, unconditional love and they never leave the table until you do. Few humans offer that so spoil your dog, they deserve it!

I also noticed on almost every dog treat box that there is an image of a Golden Retriever, I think I need to get Bailey an agent and get him on some dog treat box.

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  1. Circe says:

    I am a single dog mom myself, and adore spoiling my handsome husky shamelessly. Are there any particular treat recipes that you prepare just for Bailey?

    1. MJ says:

      I am so sorry for not replying. Seems my wordpress changed the way I am notified about other postings. I do not make him dog treats however my mom did for my other dogs when I lived back in PA. My dog gets a few human treats now and then. Have a super Thanksgiving and thanks for posting.

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