Which TV Celebrity Chef do You Like?

Guy Fieri TV Celebrity Chef

Guy Fieri TV Celebrity Chef

Do you have a TV Celebrity Chef you like? I sure do. I’m totally addicted to watching The Food Network and recently the next TV Celebrity Chef. There are many celebrity chefs I like and a few that I prefer to just click mute, but that’s for another blog. I also enjoy watching The Chew when I’m able and the interaction between the chefs. Without a doubt my favorite show is Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine. I enjoy seeing people get a second chance to live the American dream and see them regain a new passion from within that makes for a great show. Perhaps the question Robert asks when he first arrives, “what restaurant experience did you previously have” always amazes me. Seems about 70% if not more have little to no restaurant experience. That being said, I have no data to back that up other than what I have heard from the episodes I’ve watched. My question…do people not realize the #1 business to fail is a restaurant? So what makes them think they are nothing more than a potential statistic without having any restaurant experience? Even with restaurant experience it’s difficult. Regardless, I love the way Robert Irvine handles the owners, staff and chefs bringing them together with such cohesiveness. He has a way of being able to communicate with people, which make him, the restaurant as well as the show a huge success.

Michael Van Horn The Social Chef

I think Guy Fieri should know this!!

Other shows and TV celebrity chefs I really enjoy are Guys Big Bite and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It’s no secret my culinary dream is to break out the knives with Guy Fieri. There is something about Guy that makes him likable, very approachable and very real not to mention I love to see the creative dishes from chefs all over the United States. Just how doesn’t he look like the size of a house eating all that food?

I recently finished watching the next Food Network Star. How thrilling to be able to have your own TV cooking show, what a dream that would be. I was rooting for Rodney and I still think he would have made for a more entertaining show, but I believe his pitch was all wrong……….pie? Seriously……….PIE?

Who is your favorite TV celebrity chef and what TV cooking show do you like the most? And for the record, I think Paula Dean got a raw deal!!


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