Celebrating One Year of The Social Chef

March 16 is a huge day for The Social Chef. This was the day in which only the idea to create The Social Chef occurred and it was truly through a spiritual journey during the very first day of my 21-day Daniel Fast. Most people won’t read this but I had to share it. For me it was the beginning of something much greater than just culinary and if you are reading this, then perhaps there is a reason, just saying.

For me it was a real awakening with my faith with God. I actually had a dream the night of the 16th in which I had a dream about

Christ the Redeemer, Brasil

Christ the Redeemer, Brasil

being a chef who simply cooked with people from all over the world. Some times in my kitchen and some times in their kitchen. But I didn’t dream that I did this, my dream was that my friend Catherine had a dream I should do this and it was all sparked by a dinner conversation we had March 15th ,my last day I could eat normally prior to my Daniel Fast. The dream was so intense I woke at 4am and started texting Catherine to call me when she woke. I stayed awake and I knew something incredible had just taken place. There was a passion that burned deep within that this was my path. Anyone who follows or understands this Daniel Fast of prayer and biblical way of eating knows that God makes things happen through sacrifice and time of prayer. I am in no way pushing religion because I do not believe in religion I believe in God. Man created religion and I firmly believe God wants us to have an intimate relationship with Him. I also believe I am sent to be a messenger and my journey is a message to all those who might be lost, confused or simply wanting something more out of life. Knock and the door shall open, mine certainly did.

Through this fast so many things transpired. I had met a girl on Halloween many months prior to this fast who had become like a sister to me and who just so happened to have a TV cooking show. And if you follow The Social Chef then you know that Isa Souza

Filming for Isa & Michael Food Lovers in Brasil

Filming for Isa & Michael Food Lovers in Brasil

is one of my very best friends who is an incredible chef. This idea of The Social Chef never came about because of her but I will say that what transpired during this fast was proof to me that God planned this meeting between Isa and I at Halloween. It was to manifest later as He planned. The story between Isa and I and our culinary journey to create Isa & Michael Food Lovers was incredible. We cooked in my home with Isa’s film and production company in which her daughter Mariana operates. We traveled to Brasil her native country to film there and ironically she took me to Rio to see Christ the Redeemer. We went to Italy and filmed there. We had filmed numerous other times in my home with the sole purpose of TV pilots. However, Isa is very popular in Brasil and during our trips her popularity grew even greater and the demand for public appearances, more TV shows, contracts with wine companies, olive oil companies and modeling for clothing lines was far to great. This required her to be in Brasil much more and while there was some disappointment, I know that she gave me even more passion to pursue this culinary journey. And even better, I have never met anyone so giving and so supportive as Isa. Honestly, I can never repay her for all her generosity.  I have had many people cross my path and none have been as unselfish as her, which is why she has so much success. What you give you get back 10-fold and Isa deserves every bit of success that comes her way. And so you know Isa, I am grateful beyond any words I can offer.

Also I had met an architect from Greece, Marianna Holoway who offered to create my logo because of my passion and has also

Marianna Holoway, designer of The Social Chef Logo

Marianna Holoway, designer of The Social Chef Logo

taken on the task of creating my animation for The Social Chef. I am not so easy to work with when I have a vision, I want it done a certain way and I sincerely appreciate her patience with me. Being an architect who has designed hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and even a boat, she certainly didn’t have to offer to take on my logo. I truly love my logo and I love the progress of my animated logo. I appreciate all your hard work and I cannot wait to share with all the Food Lovers of the World your finished work of art. Thank you Marianna.

But really there is only one to thank. There was no way all these things could have happened on their own. I have only God to thank for leading me down this path and for all the incredible people that have come into my life in which I have not mentioned. The passion to carry on every day and to pursue this culinary journey is truly a miracle. I never even considered leaving Florida, but through prayer I was directed back to my roots in which the people who created the love of cooking originally transpired. I’m sure it will be a super 2nd year of The Social Chef.

I hope you stay tuned and I hope you enjoy following The Social Chef as much as I enjoy sharing my journey and my world of food with you. I am grateful to you the followers, for you keep me motivated and passionate and I thank you for that.

And because I firmly believe this is a message I was meant to bring you, I hope in some way I gave you a reason to stop what you are doing and ask God for direction. He will answer, He always does.




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