Join The Social Chef for a 21-Day Daniel Fast

Almost a year ago I decided to do the Daniel Fast with my church. The Daniel Fast is a 21-day period of prayer and fast in which you eat biblically. Only fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You cannot use any broths from animals for stocks, no dairy, not even fish. Last year when I did this fast I lost 18lbs in 21-days. Granted, I did not do the fast for the purpose of losing weight but to get some direction in my life. I can tell you it was the most incredible 21-days. There was clarity beyond my imagination and after removing all the toxins from my body simply through eating I felt better than ever. I will say the first 4-5 days were by far the most difficult.

How I prepared myself for this was to have a menu already prepared for a few days so I would not slip. And while I am NOT a religious person, God plays a significant role in my life. It was He who guided me through those 21-days and gave me the clarity I was seeking for and that is how The Social Chef was created. What I am trying to say is many people look at those who mention God as religious. Man created religion not God and I firmly believe God wants us to have an intimate relationship with Him. I believe in God I do not however believe in religion.

Anyway, I made a lot of soup during this fast, mostly lentil soup and Tuscan bean soup with escarole. I ate this before every meal to fill me up and it certainly worked. I ate tremendous amounts of arugula with tomatoes. I ate a lot and I mean a lot of mushrooms especially large Portobello mushrooms with a Mediterranean bruschetta and then grilled or baked. I ate vegetable kabobs, eggplant with a homemade simple marinara and many other things. After the 5th day I often only simply had an arugula salad with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon. I think the reason that this became so easy for me was my focus and God supporting my sacrifice. I gave up all social media for 21-days and TV. I created The Social Chef during this period and even though I have no experience whatsoever with creating websites, I created the blog in 5-days, that in itself is a miracle if you knew just how bad I am with technology. There is no other way that this could have happened except God was on my side guiding me.

This year I was not planning on doing the 21-day Daniel Fast but I decided to do it. I am even better prepared than I was a year ago and have become far more creative in the kitchen. This also helps me become more creative because I’m a Food Lover and I am not about to starve. So here goes another 21-day Daniel Fast on March 8th and if you wish to join me I am happy to share the ride with you and help support you. I am happy to share all aspects of it and I am sure you know what that means. Join The Social Chef for a 21-Day Daniel Fast and feel free to email me at If you need help with a menu or things to eat I am also here for you. Just remember, you are not reading this by accident. It’s all part of a divine plan.




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