One of My Very First Cooking Videos

I was looking for something in my video files and while doing so I came across videos I had done almost exactly a year ago when I was doing my Daniel Fast during Lent and the Social Chef was only an idea. This is one of my very first cooking videos. It is hard to believe a year has passed and all the cooking I have done, the videos I’ve taken, food photo shots taken, variety of food I’ve prepared and all the super people that I have met along the way. More than anything the love and support that has came about is more than I bargained for and I am so grateful for all who cheer me on.

I have received a few emails recently asking about how I got started but the one that I’ve been asked the most is about my videos and who did them. Well, I realize they are not all that great. I originally started simply placing a flip camera that I placed on a tripod. Some times I would stop my cooking and move the camera for better angles. I then plugged the flip camera into my MacBook and only using iMovie I would edit the movie. As time went on I realized the quality of the video was not real good and accidentally I tried my Nikon camera. I did go to college to study photography but never learned anything about video and I never photographed food, which was not the type of photography I majored in. As I started to videotape more I purchased some inexpensive lights because my kitchen is not lit very well for doing video.

So that is basically how I shoot my videos. To do one video takes an entire day. To prep all the food, set the kitchen, download the video, edit it, and download it to youtube not to mention going for all the ingredients was a long process. But when you have a passion for something you do not even think about the time. You only want to get it done. Thanks for watching my videos and thank you for all your support.




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