Bringing Back Sunday Dinner

Seems things have changed dramatically today compared to when I was growing up. Sunday’s were a day for relaxing, eating, perhaps a round of golf

Brining Back Sunday DInner

Brining Back Sunday DInner

after church with my dad and then mom made dinner and we ate together as a family. TV was turned off and if the phone rang you better not answer it. When I think about it, the meal we had was directly related to the time of the year. Because my parents and I were and still are huge football fans, Sunday dinners tended to be a bit more casual. Mom made homemade French fries and usually Philly cheesesteaks during football season or perhaps an occasional burger. Remember, I was born and raised in Pennsylvania so Philly cheesesteaks are a must.

I also remember many places were closed on Sunday’s. Trying to get gas or groceries was limited because almost everything was closed. Today it seems that everything is open on Sunday’s and everyone is running all over the place before getting back to the grind on Monday. Sunday gathering of family dinner seems to be primarily left for holidays. I heard something in church a few weeks ago about a study they did many many years ago about the advancement of technology. They claimed that because all of the latest and upcoming technology the huge advantages people would have that it would increase productivity therefore people would have more time on their hands. There was even mentioning of people having 4-day workweeks because so much more would be accomplished. Am I the only person who feels as though technology, social media, email, text messages and other stuff are taking up all our time and that we have lost the most important part of life, friends and family…real time, being social in person? Some people rather text than make a phone call.

I’ll be the first to admit that I love social media, how else would I be able to connect with you. I enjoy connecting with other people and hearing about their adventures. But now days with all this technology we cannot even make dinner without our phone beeping that someone is trying to reach us. When you are out to dinner just scan the room you are sure to see at least one person checking their phone. People are having dinner together and they are both checking their phones, me included. It’s just plain rude!

So I guess all this technology has it’s pros and cons like anything else does. For all the great things the younger generation have to look forward to, I think many of them will suffer personal communication skills from all this technology. So wouldn’t it be nice if we could make Sunday a day or at least for a few hours, in which we gave our undivided attention to whomever we are with. And if we have a family, wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back to the way it use to be on Sunday’s where we ate as a family and enjoyed a good conversation? Maybe you never ate as a family and maybe this was no accident you are reading this. God sends signs every day, we just don’t always catch them.

Looking back I was very fortunate that we ate almost every night as a family and the only time I hated it was the times the report cards were mailed home in which I knew I would not want to be at that table with my father. What a long dinner that was.

Cookbook Given to Me By the Villa Virella Family

Cookbook Given to Me By the Villa Virella Family

So here is to Sunday dinners together with the important people in our life. Here’s to being present with the people you’re with and engage in conversation. Because as I found out later in life, I would give up just about anything to have dinner with my grandparents and parents all together at one table on a Sunday afternoon. I wouldn’t be checking to see who liked my status or checking my cell phone if I had that opportunity one more time, that’s for sure. I hope you have dinner with the important people in your life this Sunday and every Sunday hereafter. Cheers to Bringing Back Sunday Dinner!!

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  1. Janice Doty says:

    Ironically, we used to have family Sunday dinners all the time. Unfortunately shift work, not technology, got in our way as more of us became shift workers (nursing and police) and my in-laws opened an antique shop.

    We’ve started talking about hosting a family night to keep everyone back in touch.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Janice, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I have no family in south Florida but I surround myself with friends and invite people time to time. But I do firmly believe that quality time with the important people in your life over a home cooked meal is imperative. Thanks for the nice comment. I hope you find a good night for family night and do it. Cheers!!

  2. We make it a point to keep this tradition alive here in Tupelo , MS. With so much of the family no longer with us , we try to surround ourselves sometimes with friends at Sunday lunch . . It’s funny how there is a whole new generation of pasta lovers, that crave to learn about Italian tradition. This is something alive and well, daily, in this house .

    1. Barbara, thanks for reading my blog. I am one of those italian wanna be’s. I’ve been to Italy 28-times and there is no place like it in the world to me. I dated a girl from Italy who had a TV cooking show in Roma and has a very famous family. Her brother is Rosario Fiorello, the biggest entertainer in Italy. I love Italians. They have a way of making you feel like you are family and they don’t even know you. I make many Italian dishes and nothing I love to make more than tiramisu. I appreciate your posts on fb and look forward to all your dishes. Cheers!!

  3. this is a nice post… we are a transplanted brooklyn/LI family stationed in Upstate NY… my husband and I really try to keep our traditionals alive especially now having kids. sunday is always our day. my husband recently deployed to afghanistan but i still make sunday dinner and enjoy it with a 3 1/2 yr old and a 6 month old. It will always be a staple in our home.

    1. Danelle, first let me say thank you to your husband. My late grandfather was a vet and they are not very appreciated. I hope that one of my recipes make it into your household and if there is anything you may enjoy and are looking for a recipe, if I have it I would be happy to share. God bless your husband and may he retuen safe and sound. Keep up those Sunday family meals and thank you for visiting my blog. Cheers!!

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