Hey Guy Fieri, I Want to Cook with You!!

I am a Food Lover and nothing I enjoy more than to share the kitchen with friends, family and acquaintances. Perhaps the biggest common denominator that unites us is food. Relationships are created and cultivated by sharing a meal and time spent in the kitchen. I often reflect back to Christmas and Thanksgiving when my grandparents were alive and the best memories always revolved around the kitchen and dinner table. I think we are all in some way…FOOD LOVERS!

One of my goals in 2013 is to share the kitchen with more people and one huge goal is cooking with Guy Fieri. It’s not just his cooking style I like but his personality…reminds me totally of my friends from back in Pennsylvania. Plus he’s really a social “Guy” and cooking is all about being social, right? Plus it would be a great story to add to how I got started as The Social Chef!!

Hey Guy Fieri, I want to Cook with YOU!!

Hey Guy Fieri, I want to Cook with YOU!!

So here goes…I am relying on you, friends and followers to help make it happen but mostly my faith. Anything is possible…even cooking with Guy Fieri.

Spread the word, share the blog, tag and post the photo. Write to Guy, Food Network and root me on. Here goes Food Lovers!!

Hey Guy Fieri, I Want to Cook with You!!

Thanks for the support!!

Michael Van Horn The Social Chef

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  1. Nagyleadership says:

    The Social Chef is awesome! This would make great TV!

    1. Hey, I really appreciate that. I’m going to make this happen. Cheers to you!!

  2. Tere Davidson says:

    Missing your great cooking at The Castle in Wellington!!! Wishing you the best Michael!!


    1. Hey Tere, I miss you all and I miss your coking at your castle too. Tell everyone hello!!

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