Capture Every Moment

It’s 11:37pm on Monday April 30th and I had been trying to resolve some technical issues in which I somehow transferred images somewhere and they seem to be lost forever. So I went to youtube to do a search to see if I could resolve my own issue when I accidentally crossed this video I created of my Thanksgiving this past year. I think I played it at least 3-4 times and every time a new memory of my trip came to mind. It had been over 6-years since I ventured back home to see my family and friends, so I was extremely excited. Those of you who have gone to my blog to read about how I got started in this whole social chef thing will certainly understand from this video it was destiny.

My friends have been after me every month for the last 6-years to come back for a visit. My best friend comes here every few weeks and all the rest are married with children so I know getting face time would be limited so I just chose to call to keep in touch. However, I made the decision to go back home and what an awesome time I had. When and if you watch the video, this is as good as it gets.

My two best friends, Eddie and Angelo have been after me to come home and so when I had made the decision I called Eddie and told him and within literally 5-minutes Angelo called me. So funny, news travels fast in my small town. So I arrive Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving. And to be very honest, I cannot believe I flew day before Thanksgiving. All my life I thought people were insane who travel over Thanksgiving and Christmas. To me I want to stay put and enjoy the day, not deal with traveling.

I arrive at West Palm Beach and had a direct flight to Philadelphia. In case you didn’t know, I was born and raised in the mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania, actually to be exact, the Pocono Mountains. Pretty place and only 90-minutes to NYC and 90-minutes to Philadelphia. I arrive and Eddie and Angelo are circling the terminal waiting for me. Good friends huh, drive 90-minutes to pick me up and were early too. I get outside and what a great site, my two best friends. We get in the car and Eddie (who is the most generous human being I know) says, are you hungry? Can you believe they asked the social chef such a question? Of course and so he said we would stop at a place you will like in Saucon Valley. We arrive and by the way, it was really cold for this Florida boy. The place was really nice, glad I flew with a sport coat. We go the hostess and Eddie says I called and made a reservation. Now I was a little tired from flying and honestly do not recall him calling to make a reservation. The man takes us up two flights of stairs, down a hall and into this room with all walnut wood, a total mans kind of place. And who was there, 7 of my friends. You cannot imagine not seeing them all for over 6-years and all of them coming out to see me just how that made me feel. A night that I will never forget. Of course they all laughed when I broke out all my cameras to take video’s and photographs. And if you didn’t know, I was a fashion photographer for 10-years of my life and that is why my passion for photography. Just trying to grasp photographing food instead of lingerie, a little different taste…no pun intended.

So my entire trip had been around food, family and friends. When I watched this video tonight as I have so many times, it brought back that moment. This video I created was my first experience ever creating a movie…I loved it. As I watched it I wanted to share it with all of you because this is a part of me, where I was raised as well as my family, friends, high school, my little hometown church, and even my favorite veterinarian’s place where all my dogs had been taken care of. It made me realize even more so that I am on this crazy journey that I am so deeply engulfed into. This video reminded me once again that my passions are socializing, cooking and photography. And here I am writing about it. It sure is funny how God works.

All my friends have always teased me about all the video and photographs I take, so much so my nickname is captain video. I drive them nuts with the camera. But perhaps the best compliment I received was a call from each and every one of them after I sent them this video link telling me thank you for the video and from one friend who said that this video was as good as actually seeing me.

So just a piece of advice before I turn out the lights and call it a night. If you are a parent, no matter how much your kids hate that camera you point in their face…snap away and never stop. Because even though I have yet to be blessed with children, going back and watching home movies my family took of me and all those photographs, is something I will have and cherish for a lifetime. Now those of you who see me always taking photos of my dog and posting understand why I do it, Bailey is my kid. So next time you are with your friends or family around the dinner table or in the kitchen, make sure you capture the moment. It’s all about being social and capturing the moment, it will never happen again!!!


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