Men, Do You Know The Other G-Spot

I thought that would grab your attention. Who doesn’t like a nice dinner prepared just for you, some music playing, wine sipping, candles glowing and sharing it with a special person? Flowers can help too, just a hint guys. Who hasn’t seen Mickey Rourke take culinary to another level and wished they were doing that too?  I’m still waiting to live that scene. My passion for cooking was purely an accident that occurred because of a girl who I liked that wouldn’t give me the time of day. Who would have thought that fettuccini alfredo would have gotten me that long awaited date? Read how my passion for cooking all started and that long awaited date, here is my story.

I am in no way stereotyping here because there are many men who love to cook for their wife or the woman they like, but many have no idea just how romantic having a dinner prepared specifically for you really is. Unless you have an appreciation for culinary and the love that goes into it then let me help you find the other G-Spot. I’ve never met a woman who didn’t at the very least appreciate the effort of something I made just for her. Throw in some music, a table with candles, flowers and a bottle of wine, you have the perfect evening for two.

Don’t take me wrong here, because I am not insinuating anything sexual here, I am simply saying that a woman loves to be romanced and wants to feel special. And if you like them enough, you will make the concerted effort to make her feel just that way. It’s not just for a woman, it’s the same for friends and family too. All my friends or at least most of them, happen to be food lover’s and they know when they come to my home I will be making something that is made specifically for them. If they don’t appreciate the effort then chances are you really have the wrong partner. I dated someone for 3-years and she seldom if ever came in the kitchen while I prepared dinner. I guess you could say that was a sign I should not have ignored.

The most enjoyable moments I have had have often occurred in my kitchen sharing a bottle of wine, leaning against the counter having a conversation preparing something for someone, being relaxed and totally engulfed in the moment. Food is an aphrodisiac and here are some foods that have a little punch to them.

This little article was to make not only men but also women discover the benefits of being social in the kitchen and sharing it with your partner. You do not need to be a master chef to be romantic and in no way am I insinuating you will get lucky nor was that my intention. I just think that making moments special for the important people in your life are worth the effort. Simply create the atmosphere, know what your partner enjoys, search one of my easy recipes and have a night you will never forget. And if you do get lucky, please share with everyone what you made, we all want the secret dish.

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  1. Catherine Conti says:

    This was a clever written article on another way to win a man or woman’s heart. Food always brings people together. It does not matter how small or big your house is…everyone always ends up in the kitchen. :-) I enjoyed reading this. Thank you Social Chef.

  2. MJ says:

    Amen Catherine, going the extra mile to make the evening special for whever it is you are with is important. True food lover’s aim to please those they are with.

  3. Constance Gassaway says:

    I absolutely LOVE this blog article!!! Fabulous! This definitely hits MY other GSpot (and the delish Tiramisu). LOL

    1. MJ says:

      Glad you like it Constance…thank you and I am happy it hit the spot.

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