My Little Healthy Greek Culinary Excursion

Greek Olives

Greek Olives

I love to travel and I love to eat, which happens to be perfect for the mission of The Social Chef, cooking with the world. This past spring

I was in Greece doing what I love to do, cook, eat and be social. You don’t think I just came up with that name without living up to my name do you? Of course not! I love people and I love to explore the world of culinary and what I truly love is cooking with the world and I love Greek culinary.

My last trip to Greece I shared the kitchen with 4-different chefs, did some video taping, some just sharing the kitchen and getting personal instructions to authentic Greek dishes by masters in the kitchen. I created relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime. Because I loved it so much I decided to go back, only this time I will rename my trip. My last trip was titled My BIG Fat Greek Culinary Tour. Why am I not renaming it My BIG Fat Greek Culinary Tour ll? Simple, I took the name literally and this time I plan to lose

weight instead of gain weight. So this trip to Greece will be called, My Little Healthy Greek Culinary Excursion.

I will share the kitchen with some chefs that I had in the past and one for sure is Chef Giorgos at the wonderful restaurant, Gods Restaurant. I just had a bond with Giorgos and I cannot wait to sneak into his kitchen and surprise him. He has no idea I am coming. I will for sure share the kitchen again with Chef Tolis another great Greek chef and a personal friend of mine and share some more authentic Greek cuisine only this time I’m making him share healthy recipes…for my benefit as much as yours.

I will also be visiting a new place, En Delfois Bar and Restaurant just recently renovated by the fabulous American/Greek designer and architect, Marianna Holoway. Marianna also was the creator and designer

of The Social Chef logo and is very talented. I will be cooking there and sharing some fabulous dishes with you as well. There will be some other places that I will share with you once I have them confirmed.

I hope you stay tuned and share My Little Healthy Greek Culinary Excursion. If there is anything you would like me to make for you or something you might wish to see, please let me know, I will do my best to share it with you.

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