Sausage Wrapped in Pizza Dough

Italian Sausage Wrapped in Pizza Dough

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There is no hiding the fact that I love Italian food. When you think of it, is there anyone who doesn’t like Italian food? Never have I heard anyone say they don’t like Italian food. I got the idea from Michael Chiarello, a famous chef in California. I took his version and gave it my personal twist by using peppers and onions instead of garlic and mustard stuffed inside the dough. Onions and peppers just seem to go together and especially with sausage.

This really is a very simple dish to prepare. No need to make the pizza dough, however you certainly can if you want. Just grab some fresh pizza dough at your local grocery in the baking department or go to your local pizzeria and get some. I have used Pillsbury Crescent rolls also and they are very good and really quick.

This makes a fantastic hors d’oeuvre when cut into one inch pieces, a super snack for Sunday football games or even an evening meal. Just keep in mind that some people may prefer mild sausage instead of hot sausage. Why not make both and let them choose. I can promise you this will be a hit.

Video recipe–>Italian Sausage Wrapped in Pizza Dough

Pizza dough recipe

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Sausage Wrapped in Pizza Dough
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