Christmas Vegetable Wreath with Knorr Vegetable Dip

Now this may not seem like anything special but when you are entertaining and being a social chef, all the food lovers will be impressed. For one it makes a very attractive centerpiece with all the colors. It’s relatively healthy and with so many people not eating meat these days you will have something everyone can indulge in. My mom made this one year when I was in my early 20’s and was hosting a Christmas party. Until a few years later when I attempted to do this on my own did I realize it was more time consuming than I imagined. But I will tell you that everyone raved over the one my mom had made years before that I attempted to make the Christmas Vegetable Wreath with Knorr Vegetable Dip on my own. It’s been a tradition ever since.

Christmas Vegetable Wreath with Knorr Vegetable Dip

Christmas Vegetable Wreath with Knorr Vegetable Dip

I also have made this Christmas Vegetable Wreath with Knorr Vegetable Dip to bring to holiday parties I was invited to and when I enter the room all eyes are glued at what I brought to the party. If you are having a Christmas party, a company party, holiday party or any other special event and you want to be the hit of the party…then I would make this Christmas Vegetable Wreath with Knorr Vegetable Dip. They will love it!!!

Just make sure you get a soft Styrofoam so the toothpicks can enter easily. How do you think I know this?


One Styrofoam wreath about 12-16 inches
1 package of Knorr Vegetable Dip (Plus ingredients needed on package)
1 each red, yellow and orange pepper
20 carrot sticks
20 celery sticks
15 cherry tomatoes
15 mushrooms
20 green beans
15 cauliflower pieces
15 broccoli pieces
15 radishes
1 round loaf Tuscan bread
1 head of green cabbage
1 pizza tray or round metal tray to set wreath

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Put about 8-large pieces of green cabbage in water for 1-minute. Remove cabbage and place in a large bowl of ice water to shock cabbage and maintain its color. Wrap Styrofoam with cabbage and place toothpicks through cabbage to hold in place. This will hide the Styrofoam and make it look like a wreath.

Clean all vegetables well. Place a toothpick into each vegetable piece leaving at least half available to stick into wreath.

Cut a circle into the bread and remove some of the inside. Prepare the Knorr Vegetable Dip according to package. Carefully scoop the Knorr Vegetable Dip into the bread hole. Place the bread in the center of the wreath.

NOTE: Use whatever vegeables you like.

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