Photo: Debbie from Miami Cooks with Michael Van Horn

Debbie and the Social Chef cooking up a storm

Debbie and the Social Chef cooking up a storm

Debbie a graphic designer from Miami and a native of Panama who’s parents are in the catering business, made her own incredible recipe of Greek Rack of Lamb with lime, oregano and garlic. To make the meal complete she whipped up a dessert that is perfect for summer, Chill Out Cake another family recipe made with pound cake, vanilla ice cream, a caramel sauce, and then topped it off with a marshmallow topping. I would tell you more but you may as well just watch her make the Chill Out Cake or watch her make  Greek Rack of Lamb.

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  1. Thanks Michael! it was a great experience cooking with you!

    1. MJ says:

      Debbie, it was my pleasure for sure. You are very talented and I had not only a great dinner with a super dessert, but laughed hard too. The blender will make the bloopers for sure.

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