Dining with a Friend

There are few things in life I enjoy more than entertaining and making a special meal for friends. There is something about the planning and gathering all the necessary ingredients that you know your friends thoroughly enjoy. Over the years I cannot even begin to count the meals I have shared with some fabulous friends. The conversations, some serious, some not so serious, but for certain there were many bottles of red shared and plenty to laugh about.

But out of all the meals that I have shared perhaps the most beneficial were the meals alone with my dogs. Now I know that may seem extremely odd to say that a meal with a dog is beneficial, after all they lack in conversational skills. But the one thing I have learned living alone is that my dogs have never turned down a meal, they are never late, they will never get up and leave the table to check their Facebook status or take a call. While preparing the meal they are more than content to hang by my heels and I never had any friend so happy when something falls on the floor. They may not talk, but they listen without a word being said. They say a friend listens to what you say, but a best friend listens to what you don’t say. That is priceless.

It was one year ago today that I said goodbye to my faithful friend Hunter who was the only rescue dog I had ever had and I think it was I who was rescued. Every dog I have had, and I have had a dog almost every day of my life since I was about 4-years old, has been the most loyal dinner companion. They eat just about anything, they are more than grateful for whatever is shared and what I really enjoy is when I leave the table they want to still engage in conversation no matter how silent it is.

It was strange waking up today knowing that 1-year ago I made a difficult decision to no longer share my meals with that faithful dinner companion. However, I know that I can never compete with the conversations and the meals he is getting now.

I guess I better get up now because I still have a loyal friend who is ready for breakfast. I think I’ll make him some eggs today with turkey bacon just so he knows how much I enjoy his company.

Love your friends for they will love you like no other!!!

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