Happy Father’s Day

My father taking me fishing the first time

My father taking me fishing the first time

There are many children who grow up without the leadership and love of a father. We all heard the statement; I’m daddy’s little girl. But for a boy the leadership of a father plays a significant role into the man he will become. How to work, your character, your mannerism, and the way we walk and talk and most importantly how we treat a woman. All I can say is, mom lucked out finding you.

My father has many incredible qualities. If you met us in the same room only our facial characteristics would make us evident we are related. My father is incredibly quite unless you hit one of his passions, golf or hunting. Looking back I often recall either my friends or a girlfriend who came to our home and would later ask me if my father liked them or not because he is so quite. I on the other hand love to talk. My father may not say much, but what he says has purpose. And he is the king of one liners.

Throughout my childhood and to this day my mother will tell me the same thing. If you grow to be half the man your father is, I will be a very proud mom. You will never hear my father speak a bad word about anyone. It is a characteristic I wish my personality of being opinionated perhaps hadn’t developed however, it’s what makes me who I am. My mom would always say, your dad is the most honest man I have ever met.

It was my father who introduced me to photography, a passion I have and a career path I had taken. Allowing me to photograph models he cut hair for when he did platform work for Vidal Sassoon. He introduced me to golf when I was only 7-years old as I would caddy for him and every once in a while if no one was around he would throw a ball on the ground and let me take a swing. Ironically I later took that career path too. Only my fathers passion for golf continued and I burned out at 33. If you’re wondering about the cooking, well, that for certain came from my mother because my dad can’t boil water and not sure he wants to learn. My mom to this day waits on him hand and foot and silently he appreciates it and loves her for it.


My father is the most loyal husband, father and friend. And for that I have the utmost respect. Growing up my dad was the one who would secretly create a train display in the basement for Christmas that was incredible. Spending countless hours doing this just for me. On Christmas day he made me get showered, dressed usually in a shirt and tie and when I came into the living room, the camera and video on tripod to capture every moment. Now maybe my friends understand why I always am taking their picture, blame it on my dad. He always made sure my golf equipment was perfectly fit for me, my camera’s were exactly what I needed. He threw baseball with me when I know he rather not. He came to all my games, even umpired and was always calling strikes when they were clearly not telling me, you’ll never hit anything if you just stand there, swing! He took me fishing, camped out, made me appreciate and respect the outdoors. My dad made sure that I always had a dog and looking back now that I have had my own dogs my dad may have loved my dogs even more than I loved my own dogs, imagine that? And I will never ever forget what he told me when I was out on my own, had my own home and my very first dog on my own. Michael, your dog will be the most loyal thing you ever have in your life. More than even me or mom. And when choosing a girl watch how she treats your dog, that is a good indication how she will treat you.

My father is a man of few words but he is a great man. I respect him most for allowing me to be me and never interfering in my personal life when I know he wanted to. I know not everything I have done you were very fond of and I know at times you didn’t approve of at all. But I really love you for allowing me to make my own decisions and following my own path no matter how bad some of those decisions and paths I took were or turned out. Some things we just have to find out for ourselves.

So here’s to you today dad. A father of few words, a man of loyalty, integrity and honest to the core. I truly respect you and I fully understand what mom means by me becoming half the man you are. I have yet to reach that hill but I hope some day I do. And I want you to know that while I may not tell you how much you mean to me, how much I respect you and how you lead by example have made me appreciate you and love you even more. Thank you for being the best father a boy could have. I love you,

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!!

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